ECAD - European Coordination of Audiovisual Distributors

The vast and rapid changes in the industry of television and non-linear release (outside of cinemas) in the recent years, have made us aware of the need to come together in an official body to speak with one voice. 

The ongoing consolidation of the industry and the downward trend of acquisition prices pose a major threat to independent distributors. Moreover, increasingly high production budgets make the international market more favorable to co-production than to distribution. If independent production remains abundant and subsidized, its future lies in the widest possible circulation of works, internationally through the action of international audiovisual distributors. The diversity and variety of points of view also depend on it.

ECAD aims at promoting the business of international program sales, at supporting it and at positively developing practical responses to the needs of its independent players.

Thierry Detaille (Visible Film), as President, Pauline Mazenod (Windrose), as Secretary General, and Anne Littardi (Beliane), as Treasurer, are proceeding to a call for new members. 

The ECAD is delighted to broaden its representativeness and to welcome companies from a greater number of States:

- Independent international audiovisual distributors (not belonging to a Media Group or a Television),

- Whose primary activity is the sale of rights and not production, this sector already benefiting from professional bodies and dedicated legislation.

- Whose sales activity is carried out mainly towards Televisions and Platforms, cinema distributors already benefiting from professional bodies and dedicated legislation.

- Europeans, in the sense of belonging to the Council of Europe member states, or countries eligible to bilateral, multilateral  European co-production treaties and Eurimages.



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